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Guindani Viaggi

Lufthansa City Center

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Corso Garibaldi 88/90,
26100 Cremona
Cathedral Square

Guindani Viaggi Lufthansa City Center , ‘The Travel Agency’ in Cremona since 1992. Holiday, Incoming, Business Travel, Events. Wherever you want to spend your holiday and live an unforgettable experience, visit an art city in Italy or reach the goal of your business, we are always at your side with an experienced and multilingual team, always attentive to your needs.

In term of Incoming, we are the only Travel Agency in Cremona, MEMBER of  Theatre Ponchielli Foundation – Friend of Stradivari (Violin Museum) Silver Member – Member of Società Filodrammatica Cremonese and much more.

We love Cremona and Italy as well and we know how to make you appreciate our culture, our monuments, our landscape.

We are specialized in cultural and musical tours as well as in eno-gastronomic tours. We are particularly focused on “taylor-made” programs with special suggestions for activities, restaurants and excursions out of the usual tourist paths. 

Our primary aim is to care for our customers and make them satisfied of their journey when they go back home.


Hospitality is our job: it’s a pleasure to welcome you!


Cremona and Mantua

Art, Literature and Music

Cremona is a reference point for the art of violin-making in the world and boasts some of the greatest monuments of the past…. The museums testify the archeological importance of the town and the famous art of the Renaissance painters….The theatres celebrate the music of Monteverdi and Ponchielli.
Mantua, the capital of Matilde di Canossa and of the Gonzaga family, is an enchanted island surrounded by three lakes formed by the Mincio. The monumental scenography of the Gonzaga period, the marvelous frescos of the Mantegna family, the splendid inventions of Giulio Romano in the Tea Palace, the churches; the patrician houses narrate the history.
You’ll appreciate these two magical cities where past and present live together in perfect harmony! We are looking forward to making you live and enjoy the Renaissance atmosphere!

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Cremona and Milan

Discovering the Renaissance Art

The beginning of the 16th century is the most famous period of Italian art. It was the time of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, Correggio, Giorgione and many others. It is difficult to give an explanation of this great period but we can try and show you some signs of the Renaissance Art in Cremona and Milan as well.

An itinerary of 3 days to discover the Renaissance Art in Cremona and in Milan.

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Cremona and Parma: a Land of ‘Maestros’!

Discover the land of Stradivari, Monteverdi and Verdi

Cremona, the city of the extraordinary luthier Antonio Stradivari and the composer Claudio Monteverdi, who marked the transition from Renaissance to Baroque music.
Parma, with its old town dotted with architectural and cultural treasures and Verdi's land, the places where Maestro Verdi was born and early trained reaping his first successes.
This tour is recommended for all music lovers that aim to discover the musical roots of these great Maestros and will help visitors discover and explore art cities rich in historical, artistic and cultural heritage.
A musical and cultural journey that is also a taste route, marked by the unmistakable scents and flavors of Mostarda, Marubini and Salami, Culatello di Zibello and Parmigiano-Reggiano.

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